Freight on the Branch


. Ivatt 2-6-2T no.41290 has spent the morning shunting the yard at Glastonbury, and at 11.40 starts towards Highbridge with empty coal wagons. 4.11.65 .
The next day was a bright November morning and Ivatt tank no.41206 is in charge of the 11.40 freight, seen here between Glastonbury and Aqueduct Crossing. 5.11.65 41206 heads for Highbridge with its empty coal wagons. In the foreground is one of the 'rhynes' (drainage ditches) which are characteristic of the Somerset levels. 5.11.65
41291 waits in the yard for the right of way from Glastonbury after shunting the yard... . ...and sets off on its return to Highbridge. 30.12.65


Updated 15-10-01