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Highbridge had two stations; the GWR main-line staion on the main line between Bristol and Taunton, and the S&D station. The S&D station was a termonal station, adjoining the main station and with a through line crossing the GWR line on the level and linked to its goods yard.

A Fowler 4F 0-6-0 arrives from the Bristol direction with an engineering train, and reverses into the yard... . ...After crossing to the S&D line, 44264 is serviced and turned at Highbridge shed, and returns across the main line. 4.11.64
. Ivall tank no.41307 transfers a parcels van from the S&D to the WR yard, to be attached to a train for Bristol. 27.11.65 .
At about 15.30, Ivatt tank no.41206 takes a brake van towards the Unigate creamery at Bason Bridge... . ...and returns soon afterwards propelling a train of milk tanks through the station, and across the WR main line to Highbridge yard. 27.11.65

The S&D Station

Ivatt 2-6-2T no.41223, unusually clean, leaves Highbridge with the 1420? to Templecombe... . ...and passes the signal box at the east end of the station. 27.11.65
Clear of the station, a Collett 0-6-0 accelerates away with the ?? to Evercreech. 4.11.64 . 41307 waits to leave with the 16.00 to Evercreech Junction. 27.11.65.

Near Highbridge

. 4.11.64 . Collett 0-6-0 no. 3218 passes the remains of disused sidings behind Highbridge works, arriving with the ?? from Evercreech. 4.11.64

Highbridge Loco Shed

Servicing under a crude aspestos shelter... ...taking water... ...and coaling. (41206, 27.11.65)


Edging on the turntable... (44264, 4.11.64) . ...carefully balanced in the centre... (41206, 27.11.65)
...turning... (3201, 4.11.64) . ...and moving off ready for the next train. (41206, 27.11.65)

Bason Bridge

. . .


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