The Station

A typical early afternoon scene at Bath (Green Park). Standard class 4 4-6-0 no.75007 waits with its train, while class 3 2-6-2T no.82038 shunts empty stock. 27.8.64   BR standard 4-6-0 no.75007 sets off from Bath (Green Park) station for Bristol or Bournemouth. 27.8.64
BR standard 2-6-4T no. 80134 at Bath (Green Park) with the 18.05 to Binegar. 3.11.65 . An unidentified WR 0-6-0 pannier tankis uncoupled after bringing a train fron Bristol. 3.11.65
A standard class 4 4-6-0 no. 750xx arrives at Bath (Green Park) across the River Avon with a train from the S&D... ... and stops in the station, clear of the points leading to the escape line. The engine then pulls forward before reversing past its train and out to the locomotive depot for servicing. 3.1.66

The Locomotive Depot

Standard 2-6-4T no.80043 simmers at the entrance to the main S&D loco shed at Bath Green Park. 3.11.65 LMS 'Jinty' 0-6-0T no.47544 waits outside the original Midland Railway shed for its next duty. 3.11.65 Stanier 8F 2-8-0 no. 48760 and 'Jinty' no.47544 outside the Midland shed. 3.11.65
In the shed is standard 2-6-2T no. 82030, and unusually after 1964, a 9F 2-10-0. 3.1.66 . Between the Midland shed and the main line, withdrawn locos await their fate. 3.1.66


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