Poole to Bournemouth



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Trains running south down the S&D joined the L&SWR line at Holes Bay Junction, and ran along the waterside to Poole. After a stiff climb past Parkstone, they turned south at Branksome on to the short spur to the terminus at Bournemouth West. This terminus was also used by most of the Bournemouth services from London Waterloo, after they had called at Bournemouth Central station.

Bournemouth West station closed in October 1965, and for the final five months of S&D operation, trains terminated at Bournemouth Central.

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. 27.3.65 Bournemouth West station, with two trains waiting to depart, one for Bath and one for Bournemouth Central. 27.3.65
On the first day of the S&D 'emergency' timetable, BR standard class 4 2-6-4T no.80138waits in the centre road ar Bournemouth Central to form the 17.30 to Bath Green Park. 1.1.66 Unknown to us at the time, the train brought in by Brush type 4 Co-Co no.D1683 was the 10.00 from Manchester - the 'Pines Express'! Until 1963, this would have arrived via the S&D. 1.1.66


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