Scottish Steam


Greenock Central was once the terminus of the line from Glasgow. The extension to Gourock involved a tunnel under the Lyle Hill, from which standard class 5 4-6-0 no.73061 is emerging with a train for Glasgow. 29.7.64 The G&SWR station at Princes Pier, Greenock, had long since closed to regular traffic when this photograph was taken, but was still used for boat trains for the transatlantic liners. Standard class 4 2-6-4T nos.80000 & 80112 wait with a Cunard special. 14.8.64 The line to Wemyss Bay left the Gourock line to the east of Greenock and climbed around he top of the town. Standard 4MT 2-6-4T no.80107 brings a train from Wemyss Bay past the Peat Road above the Cowdeknowes district of west Greenock. 1.8.64
The new order; a Clayton type 2 Bo-Bo, no.D8526, at Greenock Central with a Glasgow train. 1.8.64 . Stanier 'Black 5' 4-6-0 no.44764 simmers by the turntable by Gourock pier. 1.8.64

Doon the Water

Railway-owned and other steamers on the Clyde.

PS 'Jeannie Deans'. 6.8.64 'Queen Mary II'. 1.8.64
Puffer 'Mellite'. 29.7.64 SS 'Andania' is manoevered into harbour at Greenock by two tugs. 2.8.64


A Glasgow 'Blue Train' EMU at Glasgow Central station. 3.8.64 . .

Around Fife

During their summer holiday in Greenock in 1965 and 1966, Ian and Andrew took a week's 'Freedom of Scotland' rail ticket, returning each nigt to either Greenock or Edinburgh. Days out included Dunfermline, Thornton Junction and collieries, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Carstairs & Kilmarnock, and many more.

WD 2-8-0 no.90441 heads a coal train past Kinglassie Colliery, Fife. 17.8.66 WD 2-8-0 no 9-534 heads a coal train past our DMU, between Thornton and Inverkiething. 17.8.66 Pausing in Thornton Junction station on the way to collect a train is WD 2-8-0 no.90041, with a lightweight DMU. 18.8.66
B1 4-6-0 no.61132 at Thornton Junction shed. 17.8.66 J37 0-6-0 no.65288 runs light engine past Touch North Junction, Dunfernline. 18.8.66 WD 2-8-0 no.90489 takes a freight south from Dunfermline yard. 18.8.66
J38 0-6-0 no.65920 races away from Dunfermline Upper yard. 18.8.66 B1 4-6-0 no.61350 at Touch North. 18.8.66 WD 2-8-0 no.90547 passes Touch North signal box with an LMS brake van. 18.8.66
WD 2-8-0 no.90547 heads light engine for Dunfermline Upper yard. 18.8.66 WD 2-8-0 no.90560 moves off from a signal check. 18.8.66 B1 4-6-0 no.61340 and Touch North Juncton signal box. 18.8.66
WD2-8-0 no. 90489 and a BR standard 2-6-0 at Inverkiething. 18.8.66 . .


'Black 5' no.44975 coasts into Waverley station from the west. 11.8.64 A Deltic leaves a pall of smoke as it departs Edinburgh Waverley station. 19.8.66 In a dark corner of Waverley station, Stanier class 5 4-6-0 no.45485 waits woth a train of empty carriages. 19.8.66
B1 4-6-0 no.61245 'Murray of Elybank' runs south light-engine across the Forth Bridge. 11.8.64 . At 'Wullie's Wall', near Portobello station, a Fairburn 2-6-4T no.42128 races past with a suburban train. 11.8.64


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